2019 ARWS Conference - Getting It to Stick, Getting Stuck, Sticking with It  

Laying Claim to Rhetoric’s World-making Capacity in Undergraduate Programs

November 7-9, 2019  .  Austin, Texas

Full 2019 CFP 


As we seek to begin, invigorate, re-design, and/or sustain undergraduate rhetoric and writing programs attuned to the complexities students are facing and the futures they (and we) are forging, this call invites us to think about this work on two related fronts:

How might our undergraduate programs in rhetoric and writing studies be responsive toour current cultural and political moment(s)—what is most needed, with and for whom, and what does (or could) rhetoric and writing offer? 




How might we do the rhetorical and pedagogical work--not only in our courses but also across campus and across town, in our recruitment efforts as well as our assessment efforts—to help others understand and envision not only what rhetoric and writing might illuminate but also the tangible and pragmatic, symbolic and relational, structural and institutional realities that might be realized, might be collaboratively built through rhetoric and writing? 

The 2019 ARWS Conference welcomes proposals for individual presentations as well as proposals for workshops, panels, roundtables, and posters. Presenters are limited to two (2) submissions. Proposals will be accepted until June 30, 2019. 


Organizers will create 3-4 person panels

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Limit: 300



90 minute 3-4 person concurrent sessions

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Limit: 300


90 minutes activity w/5-7 presenters and/or facilitators

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Limit: 600


Open to faculty & students w/1-3 presenters

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Limit: 150


THUR NOV 7, 2019

1:30-5:00 PM

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Limit: 600