About ARWS

In 2008, a group of rhetoric and writing specialists met as a special interest group (SIG) of the annual Conference on College Composition and Communication (CCCC). It no longer meets at a SIG of CCCC and is now identified as the Association of Rhetoric and Writing Studies.

The Association's purposes are as follows:

  • to gather knowledge of rhetoric and writing studies and to disseminate this knowledge among its members;

  • to identify and support new areas of inquiry that need to be explored; 

  • to encourage inquiry and experimentation in the teaching of rhetoric and writing;

  • to facilitate communication and collaboration among its members;

  • to organize venues at which members may exchange ideas and research;

  • to develop and sponsor publication of materials dealing with rhetoric and writing studies;

  • to protect the disciplinary integrity of rhetoric and writing studies; and

  • to promote disciplinary visibility with the academy, with the public, and with funding agencies.


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R&W Studies

As a disciplinary area, Rhetoric & Writing Studies calls upon classical rhetoric but bends and extends it to our contemporary moment. more...